Sunday, 2 September 2012

UFO Sunday, fun with my Janome group

 UFO Sunday again.  I can't believe the week is so short! 

So I continued with my project from last week, but in a different setting this week.  I go to a monthly Janome owners' club.  We get to do our own projects if we like, or one that is being shown by another member.  We bring our machines and what's so fantastic is that there are usually a couple of people with a machine the same or similar, so if anyone  has any questions about how to use them or any of the accessories there is someone that can help.  We also have our local stockist, Jim, from Ashford Sewing Centre, visiting every so often, so in addition to selling us stuff we probably don't need to buy, he can also help with any problems and even look at any machines that are playing up.

So I managed to use the village hall to lay the pieces out and pin them, and then I sat down and pieced the rest of the top. 

And here is the final product. Well, not exactly final, I still need to sort out a border and the rest of the stuff a quilt needs...

 Oddly enough, somehow I managed to make 2 more squares than I needed, so I decided to use them to make something else, maybe a little bag...?

I picked some of the fabrics I'd randomly put into my bag to bring with me, and decided to piece a strippy back for it.  I cut them into 2.5 in strips and then cut the middle strip out and turned it around.

I then started quilting the hell out of it.  I didn't get far before the day finished and we had to pack up, but this is the jist of what I'll be doing...

While I was drinking a leisurely cup of tea I thought I'd go round and have a look at what everyone else was up to.  This first picture is a 'book' of sewing needles and other small things - the lady that made this was sick of all the small things falling to the bottom of whatever they were in and decided to make something that kept them easily accessible.  The lining is pelmet vilene, so it's pretty stiff.

The next thing that caught my eye was a bag that another lady had seen someone carrying and decided to try and copy using just her memory.  Her label says it all...  I'm pretty impressed, and I love the idea, it's so simple!

Something else that I think we will be shown next time is this...  It's called markal paint, fabric paint that can marble.  I've no idea how it works yet, but it looks fantastic!

And this is our group.  Lots of friendly ladies, including my mother-in-law and a friend, my goddaughter's mother.  I get a whole lot more work done here than I ever do at home, probably because there's so much more space and no distractions (well, apart from too much tea and chatting!)

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