Monday, 27 August 2012

UFO Sunday (Well, Monday really)

So this is the image that I'm working towards... (see previous post)

Well I didn't get as far as I'd hoped.  I remember now why I stopped working on it... The squares had been sitting there so long that I'd forgotten how BADLY I'd pieced it.  Some of them were much smaller than others, so much so that I had to reduce the size of all of them - this is the pile of cuttings I made!

And while I was getting dead brained while cutting I accidentally placed the ruler wrong and ended up cutting too close.  Fixed with a patch of bondawebbed fabric though.  This is a personal quilt, so it shouldn't affect it too much I hope!

 So I managed to trim and piece the squares with their first partners.  I hope it works - I was mostly working by making sure the same sizes and colours weren't together.

If anyone has any advice, these are my questions.  Should I put them together as squares or strips from here on?

Also I was thinking of experimenting with quilt as you go.  I know I've put them together already, but might it work if I put them into a 4 patch and go from there?

OK, enough for today.  I'll try again next Sunday, think it over etc...
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