Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday again - more UFO work.

You remember my treasure box quilt, with all the lovely batik fabrics and the great mottled fabric for the back?

Well the backing fabric wasn't quite big enough. So I decided to make a strip of pieced fabric that I could use to increase it's size. And managed to find enough to hopefully even bind it with too.
I spent hours cutting it all to 2.5 inches (being the most common size of fabrics already in strips) and eventually managed to put it together. I also managed to find more scraps of matching but not exactly the same, to increase the interest, I hope.

I have also got a new phone and an app to blog from, so I hope this comes out nicely...
Anyway, as you can see, I managed to make quite a long strip of binding, so it should work. I even have some black left that I may be able to use to round out the front as I think a multicoloured binding will need a dark division.

If I have enough I was thinking of dividing the backing up into 4 or 6 with it too.
What are people's thoughts on something something like that? Does it matter, if I quilt the front in squares, if the quilting doesn't match up with the back?
Watch this space!

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