Thursday, 20 September 2012

Post number 10!

Well!  I never expected to get to number 10 so quickly, but it's great, because having a weekly project to blog about is really making sure I actually sit down and do some sewing - maybe not on a weeknight when I'm knackered, but I do at least try and get something done at the weekend. 

So far this week I haven't managed to do any sewing for myself, but I did go to my friend Natalie's house and help her with a project.  I say helped.  I got a bit overtired and ended up cutting the fabric wrong.  I felt pretty bad about that, but I'll make it up somehow.  At least it was only a couple of bits.
Anyway, I'm teaching Nat how to make quilts, bit by bit, and she's getting the hang of it.  Natalie's a jewellery designer and she also sells vintage costume jewellery so she's got the ideas and designing side of things and just needs help with learning how to put it into practice.

The first project I did with her was making a cushion cover.  We designed it together, using simple piecing to create her initial and border it with lots of lovely fabrics... Here's the photo..  It turned out pretty nice didn't it?

So you can see the sort of stuff Natalie likes (not my thing at all, but hey ho!)  So when I went to my quilting group a few weeks ago I looked at the sales table and look what I found for her - some really lovely pieces of fabric with vintage patterns.  One piece is really quite large, and is properly vintage too from what I can see.  Well worth the £2.50 I put into the pot!!

If you are interested in this kind of style, not only in fabrics, but dresses and china etc, take a look at Natalie's page,  She has some amazing items there!!