Sunday, 7 October 2012

UFO Sunday...

This week I'm not sure what I have now that is a UFO and what is a work in progress.  

I have one definite UFO, Julie's mystery quilt, which I started quilting and then for some reason stopped.  I bought some beautiful binding to use, and it's all planned in my head but I can't get the courage to do it.  No, I know.  I can't be bothered to clear the kitchen table so I have the room to quilt...  So I do other things instead.  

Then there's the Treasure Box quilt that I have made the binding and backing extender for.  I've got to actually spread it out and measure and work out how much of it I need to put on the back, maybe put some border on the front first.  I know what's wrong with that - I hate measuring and working stuff out.  So as well as not having a space to lay it out, I also don't want to have to do the accurate stuff.  

So I hide away doing my favourite thing - sewing tiny little scraps together to make bigger scraps, that will eventually be turned into a lap quilt for my neighbour.  Well, at least it's an actual project, not wasting time eh?
 There's a couple of rather large piles, so I'm doing well. and it'll look amazing, but it's not a UFO really, although Donna has been waiting for it for quite a while.

But this afternoon I took some time off from worrying about my house and how messy it is and how much I should be doing to go and see my mum and her new kitten.  She's called Truffle.  All together now, aaaaaaah!  She's 9 weeks old and very happy to curl up and sleep, although mum said that she was haring around killing a ball of wool just before I turned up.  She's so cute!!

 She fell asleep while killing this glove, which was helped by Chris (my step-dad) stroking her on the forehead - she just closed her eyes and went so still I thought there was something wrong for a second!!

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