Monday, 19 November 2012

Another good Sunday.

I'm feeling so much better this Monday.  Why? Because I spent the entire day sewing!
Once a month I go to a Janome Owners Club in a local (ish) village hall and I can either do my own thing or follow a workshop project that one member might be running. Usually I watch the demo and then just carry on with my own stuff.  This time I didn't even watch.  I got my jigsaw scraps out and just got sewing.

Frustratingly, the iron had been set up on the other side of the hall, which wouldn't have been a problem except I was up and down using it every 15 minutes or so, but my lovely goddaughter was there too (she's 10 years old and lives sewing!) and insisted on doing my ironing and cutting the chained pieces, so it was a very productive day.
I even managed to keep going at home after dinner too, so I am well on the way to making a finished quilt top now!

I had a couple of thoughts about this.  It doesn't have any kind of design or size stipulation, and I want to make it snuggly for sofa use.

Firstly, I think I might make it a bit of an odd shape - all the weird shapes in it make me think that a plain square or rectangle will be just a bit too normal.

Second, as it's going to be quite fabric heavy due to all the seams, rather than wedding and backing, I might just go for a fleece to act as both, making it slightly lighter and also hopefully very snuggly.  It's for my neighbour and she has twin 5 year olds that are inevitably going to end up using it, so the quilting is going to have to be quite heavy to keep it together, so the less fabric the better, right?
Does that sound sensible?

Anyway, I will be linking this up to Leah Day's UFO Sunday today, so if you could let me know if there are any obvious pitfalls in this that would be great!

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